Pets with a Story

established in 2004

Personal service

I love capturing the personality of your fur baby in a lasting image you will love having on the wall for an eternity. Capturing the beautiful story of your pet while they are splashing in the ocean, laying under an oak tree or sprinting on a stunning trail. I am a highly technically trained photographer do to my extensive education at Brooks institute of Photography. I will capture your pet on location using gorgeous natural light with assistance from portable lighting and reflectors when required.  With an educated eye it is easy to see the setting and determine what supplemental lighting will be needed and how best to capture your loved pet. After the photo session, my processing skills are extensive, meaning I can bring out the best in your pet’s sparkling eyes! 

The passion

I have always had a passion for the furry creatures around us. I am dyslexic and I often find it hard to “word” most of the time, but I found a deep connection in the non verbal communication our companions have to offer. Whether they are speaking loudly with explosive energy or speaking quietly with a soft eye, I aim to capture the voice, the story and unconditional love your pet is speaking in every movement.

Technical skill

I grew up in a small town east of San Francisco and began taking photos with a 110 camera at the age of five (not my best work but I was having fun learning).

Moving to the oceanside town of Santa Barbara in 2000, I began school at the world renowned Brooks Institute of Photography where I earned a Bachelors in 2004 with a double major in Commercial Advertising and Industrial/Scientific photography. I spent years learning how to harness and control light and time, and controlling artificial lighting. Then I transitioned to outdoor learning to work with and understand mother nature. Later, I learned to softly merging studio and environmental lighting to create breathtaking images.

Serving the Bay Area, I am available for Private Art Pet Excursions.

All sessions are by Appointment Only.

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I look forward to creating your art session.

Lisa Brightfire